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February 2023 Update

February 1, 2023 at 8:14 am

Well, I did fix my computer's SSD, but I also spent a lot of time making sure this kind of problem wouldn't happen again. Plus the family interruptions and now work were there most of the month still. In short, not much Synekism was done.

It wasn't nothing though. I made progress on my cross-platform build system. I also did a bunch of research and experiments with VMs and containers (ie. Docker). I'm trying to fully describe my build environment in a programmatic way. On the VM side, I also learned how to set up a GPU-accelerated VM, which will come in handy.

That's it for now. My day job started the year with a bang. A lot of things at once. I don't yet know when I'll ramp back up. Hopefully not long now. Cheers!

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