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September 2023 Update

September 1, 2023 at 4:02 pm

And another birthday goes by - 13 years now. Still here, but still not much to share. I mentioned a while back that I would be taking the game engine I'm working on for Synekism and using it for a second, much simpler, game. Still planning to release it on Steam but hopefully, being simpler, it would be completed in a more reasonable time frame. Well, today I decided to shift to yet and even SIMPLER, third, game. I've had a lot of fun lately with dude-shoots-automatically-you-just-move games. This is the plan now. Still the same engine that will power Synekism, but in a product I can actually ship and start the feedback loop with actual players. This should absolutely be doable before Synekism's next birthday. Will hold myself to that. Cheers!

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